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10 Best Android Apps Of 2015

best android apps of

Here you will get the 10 best android apps for your smartphone. The apps that I defined in till the month of April 2015. The apps that I defined you at the basis of how much it get popular in between the users.

10 Best Android Apps Of 2015

1. Infinit

In this apps you can send to other smartphone small and big size of File, Music, Photos and Videos. Infinit Apps the apps that which can send the file in desktop size also. This apps is supported in IOS and Android Operating System.

2. RunKeeper

The RunKeeper Apps support on Android and IOS operating system. This apps is helpful for those who run and walks for their health. It has GPS tracker which tell you that how many distance you covered in fixed time.

3. Google Authenticator

Google Authenticator Apps support in the Android and IOS operating system. This smartphone is help to prospect the smartphone from other user’s. It generates codes in airplane mode and it also support multiple account.

4. Pocket

The Pocket Apps is one of the best and popular apps. With the help of this apps you can store the articles, videos, music etc. view them direct. It just like bookmark.

5. Pushbullet

Pushbullet app help for send the notification of your mobile that is calls, text message, email into your Dropbox, easy way to get the links from your computer and also you can reply a message with the PC.

6. Clean Master

The best way to learn the different languages that are in French, Spanish, European, Russian, Italian and German. You have to stick this app you will get surprised with it.

8. Prey

If you lost your handset then don’t take tension when your smartphone has Prey App installed. You can track it with the GPS provide exact place. It can protected from the hackers. You can deactivate your smartphone by sending a text message and also it notify when SIM card is replaced.

9. Fit Brain Trainer

A Fit Brain Train Games are help to make our brain sharp and stay focused.

10. Anatomy 4D

Anatomy App is gives you tour in your body means its scan the body in which you can also zoom and look on it or know about your body.