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10 Best Lock Screen Apps For Android Phone Users

best lock screen apps for android phone users

The Lock Screen Apps is the best way to keep your smartphone safe with other user’s. It also make your phone beautiful looks. It also make your smartphone display brighter and also it consume battery. It notify about your smartphone detail like: notification of Facebook, Whatsapp, SMS, Missed Call and many more. Here we have selected some screen lock apps on the basis of user’s review and its popularity.

So, Here Is The List Of 10 Best Lock Screen Apps For Android Phone Users:

1. SlideLock Locker

SlideLock Locker is the best lockscreen replacement app. Through this app you can get your notification on the lockscreen and looks beautiful. It gives the time and location detail and reminders. You can get notified by your custom setting through sound and vibration. Screen wake up automatically when it get notification detail and you can do double to open or just swipe to reject.

2. AcDisplay

AcDisplay is wonderful lockscreen replacement app which will give you faster notification. It gives great performance and its design is attractive. It get inactive for few hours to save the battery power and it active when you plug in the charger and it get charging. There are many of great features given like: notification, blacklist, dynamic background and many more.

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3. Keypad Lock Screen

Keypad Lock Screen app is the one of the best screen lock security app. It has given the wonderful features like slide to unlock, enter password to unlock, you can active or deactivate the sound and vibration when screen is to be lock or unlock. The wallpapers are given many which looks beautiful and you can also choose the animation to unlock.

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4. Alarm Anti Theft Screen Lock

Alarm Anti Theft Screen Lock is that app which protect app and lock the screen. It has wonderful features like when the other person who try to unlock and they can’t get success to unlock the screen then the lock screen will start make loud noise alarm to know everyone that someone trying to unlock the screen. That why this app is getting more popularity.

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5. C Locker Pro

C Locker Pro is that app in which you can customize the widgets as you like it. You can get notification from the social media like: Facebook, Google+, Whatsapp, twitter and from email. It also give the battery information and remind you from events on the calendar. You can customize in to show or hide about missed calls and new sms detail, unlock screen off sound, block status-bar, clock, icons and many more, it means you can use more than 35 custom shortcuts to get into another apps place.

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6. DashClock Widget

DashClock Widget is the wonderful app for the latest android operating system. The different types of notification we get like: local weather, calendar, alarm, Gmail, missed calls, unread sms. You can also get provide by extensions of any other application and also can lock and unlock the screen through music sound or vibration.

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7. CM Locker

CM Locker is the one of the best locker which has given high rated. You can customize password to protect to unlock screen. It help to boost your help from toolbox and it will save the battery power. When someone try to entered a wrong password then it take a selfie of that person. It also control the music, also create the shortcut for camera in which it help to snap photo fast, toolbar is given, weather forecast notification.

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8. Fireflies lockscreen

Fireflies lockscreen is a beautiful app in which they provide some beautiful wallpaper theme. Through the help of this app you can get notification of facebook, twitter, sms, email and many more, you can dismiss the notification by just swiping on screen. You may can also change the way of unlocking the phone.

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9. DIY Locker

DIY Locker is also one of the great app for Android Phone user. You can do with the help of this app like: you can customize your lock screen, get notification and widgets in your phone screen. It has given the beautiful and attractive wallpaper which look so beautiful.

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10. GO Locker

GO Locker is that locker from which you can read your message without unlock the lock screen. Shortcuts is given to switch directly into setting. All this type of features is given that’s why this app is getting more popular. Also the theme wallpaper of this app is beautiful.

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11. dodol locker – wallpaper

Dodol Lock scree app is the beautiful screen lock app. Make your home screen beautiful. There are lots of beautiful theme to decorate your screen. You can also add your photos to the colorful wallpapers. It can be used easily. Dodol Locker has improve its performance and features on user’s requirement. But some of the features where not available for certain device. So, install this locker and decorate your home screen.

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