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4 Best Business Smartphones to Choose From

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If you’re reading this, then we’re sure you can agree that modern-day smartphones are a far cry from what the world’s first cell phone looked like. Not only are they significantly slimmer and more lightweight, but they also offer a wider range of features in comparison.

In fact, smartphones are an invaluable device for the modern day entrepreneur and executive because they enable you to:

  • Receive and send emails
  • Access and collaborate on documents with your colleagues wherever you are
  • Create and share social media content that will establish you as a leader in your industry
  • Find and book the best restaurants in town
  • Take conference calls and even video sessions while on the go

If you’re an executive or business owner that’s looking for a smartphone that fits in perfectly with your lifestyle, then you’ll definitely benefit from reading this article.

Below is a list of the most highly-rated smartphones for business executives, taking into consideration factors such as relevant business-friendly features, convenience and of course value for money.

  1. Samsung Galaxy Note 9

If you’re a smartphone enthusiast then you probably remember that Samsung Note 9 was released among much fanfare, and for good reason.

There’s something to be said about a phone that can handle a Snapdragon 845 processor while still looking sleek and modern. Other impressive features on this phone include the updated S-Pen which now enables you to take notes on the phone even when it’s off, and you can even use it as a clicker when doing presentations, or to switch on the phone’s camera via Bluetooth connectivity when the battery is low.

You’ll also enjoy viewing documents and taking video calls on the massive 6.4-inch AMOLED display screen, which also comes with a dual-lens camera. No more carrying around two phones with the Note 9, as its dual-SIM support means that you can have both your personal and business number on the same device.

When paired with a monitor, this phone literally operates as a mobile desktop computer, which means you won’t have to carry your work laptop with you in order to get some work done during those long layovers. Just plug it into a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse at the hotel that you’re staying at, and you’re good to go!

As for battery power, you’ll be glad to know that the Note 9 is backed by a long-lasting 4,000mAh battery, while its QuickCharge 2.0 feature means that it can recharge to full capacity faster than you can say, ‘is it done yet?’

While the Bixby Virtual Assistant could use some major improvements, we still think the $1,000 price tag on this phone is warranted when you consider the fact that it ticks all the boxes of the perfect business phone.

  1. iPhone XS Max

The latest version of the iPhone is perfect for busy executives on the go who also happen to be Apple loyalists. Not only will it integrate seamlessly with your other Apple products allowing for streamlined productivity, but it will also offer several fantastic features to boot!

First of all, Apple has definitely improved in the screen size department as the XS features a massive 6.5-inch OLED screen which makes it easier to view and work with documents or to interact with colleagues through video chat.

This phone features a combination of glass and stainless steel construction while the new gesture navigation controls from iOS make for a super-fast navigation.

In case you’re wondering, the iPhone XS is backed by a powerful and super-fast processor in the form of A12 Bionic technology, which is the most sophisticated and efficient mobile technology available on the market right now.

Of course, Siri makes an appearance too with a new shortcuts feature that allows you to take instant screenshots and videos, among other features, and this smartphone supports dual-SIM too.

While the XS does support wireless charging, it’s important to note that the battery will only last for 24 hours at most, and since there’s no MicroSD slot it’s comforting to know that Apple has boosted the XS’s storage capacity to 512 GB and this doesn’t include iCloud.

This phone will set you back by a cool $1,499, but that comes as no surprise seeing that it’s geared towards the UHNWI crowd.

  1. Nokia 6.1

On the lower end of the price spectrum is the Nokia 6.1, which boasts all the convenient features you’ll need to run your organisation on the go, but without the extra frills or the huge price tag!

The 6.1 is powered by Android One which conveniently receives the latest updates straight from Google. It also features 32 GB of memory with a MicroSD card slot added for extra storage, and it’s got 3GB of RAM to boost its performance even more.

Some of the “extra frills” that you won’t get with the 6.1 include a sleek modern design. You definitely won’t be turning any heads when you’ve got the 6.1 in your ear because of its underwhelming style, but it’s perfect for the minimalist who doesn’t mind a matte black casing with a splashing of copper accents.

The 6.1 also lags behind its competitors with an aspect ratio of 16:9 and a 5.5–inch screen which is rather small by today’s standards.

With that said, it does have a fairly powerful camera and a battery that will last you for about 24 hours with continuous use throughout the day. You’ll also be able to enjoy handy features like Google Services, affordable NFC support, Bluetooth 5 and a solid performance.

Oh, and did we mention that the Nokia 6.1 retails for just $250? Yep, and it offers great value for money too.

  1. BlackBerry Key 2

Retailing at just $450, the BlackBerry Key 2 comes with its own keyboard, which is already an indication that this smartphone means business!

Until very recently, the BlackBerry smartphone was considered to be the go-to mobile device for executives around the world, as its keyboard will keep you fully productive no matter where you are.

The Key2 features a smart yet elegant design with a sleek black finish and the 6GB of RAM is backed by a powerful Snapdragon 660 processor.

It also features a storage capacity of 64GB or 128GB depending on your preferences, and there’s a micro SD card slot if you ever feel like you need additional space.

There’s also a dedicated “Productivity Tab” which gives you quick access to all of your most frequented and useful apps, and the battery can last through an entire day of continuous use with no problem.

The camera is fine for the price tag but the visual display could use some improvement.

BlackBerry has done well with the Key2 in terms of safety features as well, as proven by the Secure Locker feature that you can use to keep sensitive documents locked away, while a dedicated “Privacy Shade” will protect your proprietary information from snooping eyes.