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5 Best Free SMS Sending Sites To Send Anonymous

best free sms sending sites to send anonymous

Now a days young generation try to prank their friends but not only the young guys also the small kid made their friends prank. Sending message with fake number to friends that’s the oldest and best method to make prank with old friends.

Most of the people want to enjoy their rest time of life with sending fake text sms someone from fake number, then you may have to know the 5 free sms sending sites to anonymous from the fake numbers.

Rules Which You Have To Follow In MegaTechy’s Point Of View:

  1. Select site from which site you want to send fake sms.
  2. Read that site’s rule carefully. But be careful your IP address may be tracked, if you are thinking to use sites with wrong and illegal purpose.
  3. Enter number of your friend.
  4. Enter text message what do you want to send to your friend.
  5. Press send button. Finally, you may asked to type captcha words that show in the screen.

5 Best Free SMS Sending Sites To Send Anonymous From Fake Number:

1. TxtEmNow

TxtEmNow.com is a free messaging sites to anonymous. You can send sms without sign up to this site. The sms delivery is free but this may take about an hour to deliver the text message.

2. SendAnonymousText

SendAnonymousText.com is the wonderful free sms sending site in which you can send fake and prank sms to anyone. From this site approx 100,000 people use to send fake sms but you may can also use this site for various purpose by fill up the blank area like enter sms sender mobile number, country and receiver number.

3. SendAnonymoussms

SendAnonymoussms.com is a free sending sms site and this site is just like sendanonymoustext site. You can also use this site for sending sms to anyone by enter sender’s mobile number, country, receiver mobile number and write text what do want to send.

4. Textem

Textem.com is the one of the best free sms sending site to anonymous. The text and picture sms is absolutely free service. But only the US cellular service can use to send text sms.

5. TxtDrop

TxtDrop.com site is based on free text message you can make from here. You can send message without sign up in this site. Firstly you have to enter email address , then receipts mobile number and at last write text message what do you want to send to anonymous.