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Best 5 Music Player Android Apps

best  music player android apps

Now a day the music is getting to much higher and different from the last few years. This days the music has gone to the next level and it is exceeding day by day into new formation. Mostly in every device the music player is available. The people’s are crazy about the music. So, many types of music apps are available in the Google Play Store and we have selected 5 best android music apps which like by the user’s and there review.

Best 5 Music Player Android Apps:

1. Double Twist

In these days double Twist music app is get to much popular. Through this app 10 millions listener are available. This app is different play and manage music to other music apps. The features of Double Twist app are: AirSync, AirPlay, DLNA Support, Equalizer, Removal of podcast ads, Album art search.

2. Poweramp

If you like to listen music then you may can download the trail version app for 15 days. After 15 days if you like it then you can full access with no barriers. This is the powerful and best music player for android smartphone. The features of Poweramp App are: fast library scan, tag editor, automatic resume, scrobbling, high level of customization setting etc.

3. Google Play Music

Google Play Music has the powerful features that you may definitely like it. This app is just like a poweramp app. This app is a google product. The features of Google Play Music App are: Create custom radio, Listen to unlimited songs.

4. Shuttle Music Player

Shuttle Music Player is one of the best music app . This has good sleep timer, gap-less playback and different theme option. The features that are available in the shuttle music player are: Sleep timer, material design, best user interface, lyrics, customize widget. Also the features that are given in the paid version are: folder browsing, more themes, id3 editing.

5. Equalizer

Equalizer App gives you a better experience of music in your smartphone and tablet. You may can create music and music effects by the equalizer control. The music effects that make fell good listening music are by Bass Booster, Virtualizer, reverb presents. The features of Equalizer music App are: Bass Booster, 11 stock presents, Audio Sampler, 5 Band, Equalizer control, Virtualizer, No root required, Transparent background, Power Mode etc. The features that are available in unlock key Equalizer App are: Backup and Restore Present, Create Shotcut home screen, Save Custom Presents.