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5 Best And Most Secure Web Browser

best and most secure web browser

The browser is an application which helps to connect with the internet. Through the browser, people interact with text, music, video and other valuable information. Sometimes browser security exploits in all browser which takes advantage of security holes.When we browse something through the browser and it communicates with the website then it collects some information.

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Some of the websites have inserted malicious code content which is specially designed to host malicious code. The browser can allow accessing the browsing application on which attacker is able to run processes on the visitor gadgets. It also infects the system. That’s why we must have to use best and most secure web browser.

There are lots of browsers that give you best feature to get secure from the attackers. Some of the network communication help you to get prevent from attackers like DNS and HTTP. Also, the proxy servers and firewall will help to block malicious code websites. There are lots of browser extensions and plugins available which decrease the attacker surface. But the different browser has different extension and plugin.

There are many browsers but people get confused when it comes to security. Here we have selected most secure browsers that will give best features.

So, Here Is The List Of 5 Best And Most Secure Web Browser:

1. Internet Explorer

Internet explorer is the most decent and secure browser. It is one of series that is discontinued of the web browser which is developed by the Microsoft, and it is attached to the Microsoft Windows Operating System from 1995. During 2002 and 2003 internet explorer is on peak because at that time about 95% user prefers to use internet explorer.

But nowadays, about 44% of user’s are using that meaning it has holds the biggest market share in the internet market. Every 30 days it released for updates. It has powerful private browsing mode which will help you to keep your searching history secure from a hacker. You can also manage the add-on with the help of ad-blocker adding on it.

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2. Google Chrome

Google chrome is the open source fo the users which is built by Google in 2008. Only for some years, it gets more popular than the other browsers. it holds the largest market area of browsing about 62% users are using on their PC. It supports in every type of operating system. Even smartphone users are also preferred chrome first for surfing, browsing and downloading. It also warns users of insecure plugins.

As a point of user’s review, it gets the achievement as soon as possible to the top position. Every 15 days it gives a new update for the users. It gives the users the fastest browsing experience and less time to view pages that’s why people love to use Google Chrome on their PC. To get protected from add-on then you have to add the extension to block the add because of it don’t have add-on protection included.

3. Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox is the another most secure and popular browser in the web world. Firefox is created in 2002 in the name of “Phoenix”. At that time it is the different browser from other. People get surprised after using Firefox. Firefox is more advanced than the Microsoft browser. Firefox was released in November 2004. About 60 million downloads have been done within 9 months. It also warns users of insecure plugins. This is the real challenge for the Microsoft Internet Explorers. But at this time about 15% of people love to use Mozilla firefox.

Mozilla Firefox is best for secure browsing. it doesn’t have the features to protect from the add-on, but you can get an extension of ad- blocker, flash blocker and much more. The It has a private browsing mode to protect from tracking. Every 28th day it gives new version updates for the users by filling its bugs.

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4. Safari

Safari browser is the published by Apple brand. A few months before safari is only used in Mac operating system but now you can use in different OS accept Android OS. You can browse fast. Also, it is one of the most secure browsers.

Safari browser will help you to defend in privacy online. That’s why this is popular in security. It also helps to the third party cookie blocking. Also, it has a great function to defend that is sandboxing which will help you to protect from malicious code from another website. It runs web pages in the separate process. It protects from the harmful website.

5. Opera

Opera Browser is one of the popular browsers. You can enjoy this browser for free. Always update your browser and get your bug fixes. The latest browser will give you fast speed and safe browsing. If you feel tired from an ad then you must have to use this browser which will help you to enjoy from an ad-free web. It blocks ads without add-ons and that’s why it help 90% faster browsing.

You can easily do multitask web work. It also helps to save your Laptop battery power about 50% to stay longer. You can focus on the content. It protects from malware and malicious code on the web. Its private windows help to stay online without any problem. It’s privacy options also help in public places like – WiFi, VPN solution.

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