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Top 6 Best Free Copyright Image Sources For Bloggers

best free copyright image sources for bloggers

Copyright image source is the best way to get image. Through this type of facility bloggers should get free copyright images to use in their blogging post. The public domain help in a standard and simple way. Firstly creator should have to release image in its public domain that to create CCO license which give creator their copyright to allow fullest license.
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The list source of copyright images does not guarantee of image that are available in the public domain. You are responsible for checking the copyright status images of images. After filtering the copyright image you have to ordered by the size of image. In all the site the images are collected from all over the world. Also there are lots of image search tools to get image. The image that are free to use and share, you can also modify it commercially. Here we have selected best free copyright image source for bloggers to help you to find free copyright images.

So, Here Is The List Of Top 6 Best Free Copyright Image Sources For Bloggers:

1. Pixabay

Pixabay is the most popular site for free of copyright images. You can copy, edit, distribute and use the image in different ways. All the pictures were released under Creative Commons CCO. You can use the images in social media or on your blog. You can also get videos that are also free from copyrights. Over 560,000 free images, vectors and art illustration are available in high quality. Find photos by just searching through keywords or browse by different category like: Animals, Backgrounds/Textures, Beauty/Fashion Business/Finance, Computer/Communication, Education, Emotions, Music, Nature/Landscapes, People, Science/Technology, Sports, etc. To get images there is no need to sign up.

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2. FreeImages

FreeImages is another popular site for free copyrights images. Browse over 388,478 free photos and illustrations. And also browse over 2.4 million premium photos and illustrations. Huge collection of photos in its database. Browse photo in a different category in free or premium version. Get attractive photo for background . To stay updated of attractive photos just Sign up for free now!

3. Flickr

Flickr is the best free copyright image sources for bloggers. It is popular for best photo management. Flikr is a Yahoo’s company. It has a huge collection of creative images which you can find here. Before picking image, be sure the license of the image and in proper attribution.

4. Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons is also a wonderful source to browse free image. Commons are in the public domain and copyright free. You can edit or modify of choice to use of copyright free images. There are 41  subcategory to find out the images. If you are looking for an image of the country, then it gives you to  choose the state, region, etc. to find out the correct photo which you want. It also shows you that how many photos are available in the selected category. And the files should be in a subcategory.

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5. Google

Google provides the best tool for reverse image search. It is very simple to use for free copyright image searching, visit Google images and click on the “camera” icon in the search bar. You will get options to “paste image URL” and “search by image”. Google users image’s source code and scans the image to show you all the related result of the image. There is huge data base for plenty of free copyright image which you can use or edit. You don’t need to find images in other social websites. Google uses image source code to find out the results. If the image will available, then it will show other similar images. Google Image was owned by Google in 12 July 2001. It is the best place to search images by keywords. It is the best image search engines.

6. Morgue File

MorgueFile is another one that is getting more popular for getting for free high resolution photos. Here is a huge collection of free reference images. Great collection for those who use the image in a creative process. No matter how much copyright free image you are using in your blogs. The images with blue border are approved image and after fixing into your blog post it will not be visible.

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