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TOP 8 Best Free Media Players For Linux OS

best free media players for linux os

We use several of players without exactly knowing about them. We have brought here some of the best media players for Linux os for planning audio and video files. There are plenty of options for the linux operating system to play video and audio. There are few sources to find out the best multimedia player.

If you want to find the best media player for linux then it may create little bit difficult for it because most of the popular media player support in Windows and Mac OS. Some of the multimedia player supports distros bundle. There are lots of high and low quality Linux media player. Here we have created list of best free media players for linux OS are based on robust features, popularity and user’s review.

Here Is The TOP 8 Best Free Media Players For Linux OS:

1. VLC

VLC is the most famous and popular open source free media player. It has replaced windows media player from its place. VLC provides many playback options and supports mostly media format. VLC is also used for converting media files, video streaming controlling, pod-casting desktop recording and much more. You can directly see you tube and other streaming sites. VLC is a free and open source of multiplayer for every OS user’s.

2. Mplayer

MPlayer is one of the best media players. Mplayer supports about every type of audio and video files and formats. It supports various devices and output drivers such as open GL, GGL, DGA, etc. it is famous between professional because of its supports and properties.

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3. MPV Media Players

Mpv is also an open source media player. It is best media player ever. It also supports about all types of audio and video formats. It co ordinates with other applications of the system and work as library where you can see your all music, pictures and video files. Mpv player provides facilities to change frames, interpolation, color management etc.

4. Audacious

Audacious is simply an audio playback software but it is also used for video and audio editing. Its main feature is that it is very much light software and has minimum battery consumption. If you are music editing and want no effect on your battery life then you may like this software. It is based on BSD derivatives, and on Microsoft Windows. You can play audio and video by just drag and drop folder.

5. Micro

Miro is another open source media player. Supported by Linux and many other platforms. May of its features makes it similar to banshee player. It plays all types of formats. It is also used streaming media files through internet and can share the media files on local network.

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6. Xine

It is a fast media player for Linux. It is light and with various plug in options as I/O plug in, part effect plugging etc.it supports various audio and video formats, xine is highly structured and multi threaded implementations for faster performance. But is has a major drawback that it can’t handle all media files.

7. Banshee

Banshee is another famous media player is especially designed for Linux but also supported by other platforms like Mac os and windows. You can easily subscribe for podcasts in it and it downloads episodes directly. It supports streaming services as e music, internet archive and internet radio.

8. Smplayer

Smplayer is an upgraded version of mplayer. It is also open source software and has all features that were in mplayer. It has some extra feature and can support every media file. It has inbuilt equalizer specific filters, many themes and many other features which make it different from player generally developers use source code of mplayer which is totally free and create this player.

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