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10 Best Free Spy Apps For Android Phone User’s

best free spy apps for android phone users

Spy apps are simple apps with specific tasks for prying about friends for own security reducing stress on your secrets etc. We have brought 10 spy apps for android users available free for them.Warning: this article is only educational and if anyone is missing it then it would be on his own responsibility.


Spy Apps are just like other android apps and easy to use. In this days spy apps are most important app for android phone user. It make our life easier and secure. You can take secret video and audio files. All this type of app will help you in daily life or in business. Just easily operate like other android apps and it make your life easier and stress free. There are lots of spy apps available in Google Play Store and here we are created list of best free spy apps for android phone user’s that will help you to find out the best one.

So, Here Is 10 Best Free Spy Apps For Android Phone User’s:

1. Spy message

It could be said a successful business app but anyone can use this apps if he wants to receive or send messages secretly. It allows you to receive and said secret message to anyone and self destruct the message after a period of time. You can simply download the app from play store and register by your Google account. IN this app if you don’t want to keep some messages then that message will automatically deleted after checking. Customize your friend list No need to worry when you have to make private messages.

2. Cell tracker

Cell trackers apps track the location of cell phone of the person you want to track. You can better use this app for checking your children’s locations by Smartphone install these apps on your phone and also on that person Smartphone who you want to track. Now you can see the location where the tracked person had gone. But this apps works when that person had data connection mode is “ON” when he was out. It is completely free No GPS is required.. Just install the app and enable the check box to enable racking device which you want.

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3. App WhatsDog Android

Whats dog apps are available free on play store. this apps is related with WhatsApp. WhatsApp have a feature to maintain their privacy under which users can hide their status profile pic, last seen time etc. but by using this app you could check any WhatsApp contact. This app is only require for tracking mobile number and after completing it give you information about the time person is using WhatsApp. You can also get information the how long your contacts are online in the last 24 hours, last week or last 30 days.

4. Secret Agent Fake Call

This apps works as a friend to you. It would be helpful when you get stuck in any baring occasion, meeting, baring lectures etc. select the contact no from which you wanted to get a call and select the time you want to be called. You can choose joke secrets agent fake call. Surprise your friends by calling through spy master.

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5. Spy Visio

Spy Visio apps can be used both in home or in office for spying purposes. If you have any extra android phone, the install spy Visio app on that phone get it connected with internet and register both your numbers. When there is any sound or activity in your home it would call you mail you or send messages to alert.

6. Spy video recorder (SVR)

SVR is free secret video recording app for android. Suppose you are with someone special and you just want to take a picture or you just want to take a picture or make a video but he/she is not ready for this. Then these apps would be get to you in this you can also use this app for making secret video of your meetings with better quality images. You can do unlimited numbers of video which has no limits for duration. It continuous record video when you are doing some work or phone calls through your phone. Easy to handle and record full HD video through front and back camera.

7. Secret agent

Secret agent apps are a total package in itself. If anyone want to be a spy. He would use this apps it provides many facilities like infrared Style camera filter, compass, spectrum, analysed sensors, secret audio recording, spy track and many more tools. But many tools are for only shows don’t be serious with this stuff. An SOS mode is given for flashlight featuring. QRcode reader is given. You can record secretly audio and video recording.

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8. Mobile Hidden Camera

As its name says mobile hidden camera is a hidden video recording app. It is self hidden and only users can find it is app menu as app drawer. In app menu it appears as a notepad. It allows to record videos for several hours nonstop mobile hidden camera is totally free and freely can be downloaded from Google play store. Capture high quality photos and videos secretly. Burst mode is given for fast photo capturing. If you are capturing then there will be no sound, no preview and no flash. You can record unlimited video recording length.

9. Ear Spy

Ear spy app provides you supper hearing facilities to listen what your friends and other people talk about you. Install this app freely from play store start recording and leave your phone in the room of discussion. Ear spy records voice chips and clear it with amplifier. It also enhances the listening of surrounding by using its equalizer. It is a wonderful app for listening songs through earbuds.

10. Phone tracker official site

Mostly parents are carious and suspected about their children that what they are doing on net where they are going etc. not to worry, now we have this simple to use app. By using this app they can check their child’s location, track their calls, text messages, emails and other. Install the app on child’s Smartphone and you are connected to them all the day.

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