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Top 8 Best Phone Call Recording App For Android Phone

best phone call recording app for android phone

Some times you feel about a phone call recording. There are lots of reasons why you to record a phone call. Sometimes you are just doing important conversation that for future as proof, getting training with someone or dealing with customers – such type of activity necessity in such type of situations. There are only few smartphone of brands in Android Operating System that come with in built phone call recording  facility. In Android Smartphone there you get lots of problem because in android smartphone has not in built call recording functionality.

Know More About Other Android Apps:

There are lots of phone call recording apps which is available in Google Play Store in which you can get phone calls on android. This post will help you to find out the best android phone call recording apps. all the best phone call recording app for Android phone are selected are available for free in google play store.

Here Is The List Of Best Phone Call Recording App For Android Phone – Record Your Important Phone Call: 

1. Call Recorder

Call Recorder is the one of the best and popular app for android phone which is developed by Boldbeast. It makes phone call recording easy. It has phone calls record automatically by doing automatic call recording from setting in which you will not to have choose recording option again and again. You can also choose or create a play list of phone number which number you want to wish phone calls record automatically. After completing the installation process you will see the icon of call recording button on your phone home screen. You can save call recorded files in internal or external memory. Double tapping will start call recording automatically and if you want to stop then again double tapping will stop call recording.

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2. Call Recorder: ACR

Call Recorder: ACR is also free call recording app for the android phone user. The full form of ACR is Another Call Recorder.  After using it there are many powerful call recording features which makes different from other apps. You can allows it to record your phone calls manually or automatically. After certain time old recorded audio get auto delete. It will also protect your phone call recording by password. In free version app there are only limited version of features but in pro version provides lots of more features like: automatic sending of recording to email id which is register, Dropbux etc.

3. RMC: Android Call Recorder

RMC is also another free android call recording app which will record your all phone calls. It records all incoming and outgoing calls easily. If you are using microphone then you have to need to turn on loudspeaker when you are talking to record calls. But in this app has big disadvantage that when you talking without turning on loudspeaker, you were not able to get listen clear voice of recorded calls. The files that are recorded saved in “Record My Call” file which is in external memory.

4. Automatic Call Recorder

Automatic call recorder is another app which will record your phone calls on android phone automatically. It is one of the best call recorder app because of you can choose which call you want to record or which one want to not record. It automatically saved phone call recording to inbox and change default storage of recording inbox to external SD card. You can find the saved recording just searching by contact name, number etc. You can listen recording, add notes and share with others.

5. Call Recorder Free

Call recorder free is another app that is high rated and most popular app for Android phone. It provides automatic and manually call recording functionality. You can manually allow the call to start or stop phone call recording. You can also save record the important conversation and also can save or delete as per your needs. It allows to select recording quality and recording files format. After saving the recorded files you may can sync it to Google Drive. Browse your files, manage, filter and edit the call recordings.

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6. Easy Voice Recorder

There are lots of apps to records phone calls on Android phone. It has easy voice recorder which has simple interface which makes easy to operate. It is highly rated call recorder app for Android phone user which has easy to audio and voice recording features. Easy Call Recorder to record your reliable meeting, personal notes, classes and many more which is important things that has no limits. It manage your recording from home screen widget.

7. Automatic Call Recorder

Automatic Call Recorder is another fee Android app to phone call records. It records your phone calls automatically. It records all phone calls of incoming and outgoing calls and listen them any time. If you are looking for app in recording day to day your important conversation then this app will be the best choice for you. All the recorded files you can save i external memory and it also provides best and easy way to share by email, MMS, cloud apps etc.

8. Total Recall – Android Call Recorder

Total Recall is also another useful Android call recorder and many powerful call recording features. It is premium call recording app for android phone users. It offer for only 30 day free trial without ads after 30 day you have to pay for continuous use for a long term. It is developed by Killer mobile. You don’t need to turn on loudspeaker and it has higher quality of call recording which has better quality.

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