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Our Amazon Kindle Paperwhite Review

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Over the last decade or so the kindle has become one of the many objects that you can find in the home of any avid reader. Therefore, we thought to do we should do a review on one of our favourite varieties of kindle the kindle paperwhite. So, sit back and relax as we take you through the positives and perhaps even some negatives that come with our amazon kindle paperwhite review.

A little bit of background

There are of course many variations of the amazon kindle paperwhite, three to be in exact, however we will be concentrating on the latest addition to the generation which is the kindle paperwhite fourth generation. This was released on November the 7th 2018 and this is the main generation of kindle we are going to review.

The top points for this generation of Kindle Paperwhite

There are many great positives that we are going to outline here as this is such a great piece of technology that keeps improving with every generation.

OpenDyslexic Font Choice – This came with the third generation, but is still a positive that we would like to talk about. As you might be able to tell, this kind of software is designed to help those with Dyslexia read books in a much easier way. These benefits have been questioned by scientists but as a person who has a friend with dyslexia, they find that it does help them to read effectively, in fact they read even more now that this has been released.

Battery life – The battery life of the recent kindle paperwhite can last an amazing 28 hours, some smart phones don’t even last 6 hours when constantly used, so you can see this being a huge benefit.

Adjustability – With books you have that awkward problem of finding somewhere to read and it can be uncomfortable after a while, like when you are on a journey in a car. Thankfully with the Kindle Paperwhite, you can easily adjust the kindle in a way that is more comfortable than a book. You can also read your kindle paperwhite in the sun as it will adjust itself automatically.

Transfer – There are many things that make the kindle paperwhite easy to use, but one thing we have to mention is that you can transfer files from your desktop, phone or laptop straight to your kindle! If that isn’t a reason to buy this product, then don’t worry as we have a lot more positives coming your way!

Waterproof – One of the best features for any gadget that is made these days has to be that it is waterproof. Books unfortunately do not have this trait, which is why the Kindle Paperwhite is such a good alternative as the amount of times a large gust of wind has blown a book out of my hands into a puddle has been uncountable.


Currently you can get the Kindle Paperwhite at £119.99 on Amazon, however, I’m sure you can find better deals online. We found one for £79.99, but we are sure you could find one a lot cheaper if you do some personal digging.

Our final thoughts

All in all, here at Rated Tech we would give the Kindle Paperwhite 9/10 mostly because we would like the price to be lowered a tad.

However, that doesn’t mean that it should sway you from buying the product as a 9/10 is an exceptional rating for any product that comes out in todays technological world. Especially, when you can find some absolutely awful knock off products out there today.