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Our Microsoft Surface Laptop Go review

Microsoft Surface Laptop

The Microsoft Surface Laptop Go is surprisingly a laptop, but is a newer version which we think is a great purchase. We will go through step by step why this laptop should be added to your home gadgets. Although this laptop might be a lower price than you would first think, we don’t think that it is the best to buy if you are on a low budget.

Background information

One of the new practical and attractive laptops to hit the market has to be the new Microsoft Surface Laptop Go. As it was only released in October of 2020 and has seen a huge amount of sales over the United Kingdom. At the end of the day, buying a laptop for £500 was deemed as quite expensive back in the day, but with all the new software and customisation you can do to laptops now it is now deemed as a normality. However, getting value for your money is something everyone should aspire for when it comes to purchasing high end products anyway.

A few positives of this product

Finger Print reader – One of the many positives to come out of modern technology over the last decade has been touch screens. Now with a literally press of your finger you can access your documents, favourite websites and much more. What isn’t great about that?

Webcam – Although it is normal for most decent laptops to have a built-in camera, you will find that a lot of them don’t work or have teething problems from the start. However, the built in Windows Hello webcam is built effectively and is easy to understand how to use.

Great design – The modern and sleek design of the Microsoft Surface Go is impressive to say the least. Some laptops you find can do half of what the Surface Laptop Go can do and are heavy, clunky and diabolical to look at, some even make horrible noise when trying to cool down which isn’t the most amazing noise when on public transport and you are trying to get yourself ready for the day.

Excellent Display – The general look of the display of this product is great and if you’re the kind of person that enjoys a bigger picture in life then look no further than the Microsoft Surface Laptop Go as it has that.

Here are a few negatives

Speed – We find that even if you bought the most expensive version, you cannot really get everything you want on it without it slowing down massively. This might be because of the small amount of RAM but even then, it’s way to slow for our liking and can even glitch out between switching documents.

Price – It’s not exactly cheap to buy a laptop for £550 these days. If you’re on the go all of the time travelling to different destinations then the price of this product could accumulate to a lot of train ticket costs. Also, personally I find that it doesn’t matter how much you spend on a laptop it still has a short life span.

Low Storage and Ram – We slightly touched on this point before however we feel it needs to be fully addressed with its own paragraph. With the cheapest model in the franchise having only 64GB of storage and 4GB Ram, you could say that is unacceptable, because, after several years all of the updates will have clogged up the machine to the point you won’t be able to download anything.

Final Thoughts

Having had one myself and giving a sort of fair review throughout this article we would say that it might not be in your best interest to get one. Although it is completely up to you, we have found that this product really isn’t worth your money as you can get a cheaper laptop that has more storage space and ram these days.