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Our Xbox Series X Review

Xbox Series X

The Xbox Series X has been out for a month now and we feel we’ve had ample time with this machine to give our very own Xbox Series X review. In this article, we will review the design, price, games and finally our verdict on whether or not this piece of software is worth buying right now. So, if you haven’t already purchased one, then get ready for a pretty in-depth review on the Xbox Series X.

Design Aspect

The best way to describe the size and scale of the new Xbox Series X is to call it a beast. It is a huge device which is more on the scale of a huge computer. At 11.8 Inches tall and 5.9 inches wide, you are going to struggle to fit this in any sort of shelf, hide it in a case or put it somewhere that isn’t in the way. As you can imagine, this might cause some frustration for gamers, as it will built to purely be on show to anyone who comes into your home.

Secondly, it looks like a big black box so depending on what your décor at home looks like you might have trouble noticing it or it will stick out like a sore thumb. Just be careful not to put it on the floor, we don’t want you coming down stairs in the night and kicking this pricey black box over when you’re searching for a glass of water!

Another amazing feature with this design is that it has a 4k Blu-ray drive with three USB ports as well as the normal stuff you would find with this kind of console like a HDMI port, power port, expandable storage slot and ethernet.

Games You Can Play

Well, this paragraph is going to be short which is a disappointment as for the moment there aren’t any new releases on the Xbox Series X. However, you can still play all of the previous games on Xbox one as well as any game on any previous Xbox, but we haven’t tested any original Xbox games as we unfortunately didn’t have any to test.

 There are some of the big titles that are coming or are already out which will hit both the Xbox One and the Xbox Series X being Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War, Assassin’s Creed Valhalla and Cyberpunk 2077. However, as we said previously you can purchase all of the older games you might have or thought about purchasing.

Unfortunately, there aren’t any big releases at the moment for the Xbox Series X which is a shame, however, we believe that with the Xbox Game Pass this isn’t something to be concerned about as there are hundreds if not thousands of games that now you don’t need to buy. Why? Because for little money you can purchase the game pass, which means you can download hundreds of games for next to nothing!


You can purchase the Xbox Series X right now for £449, you will also receive a controller but you won’t have any games or other accessories added on top of that. The console itself is pretty much the same in price if you buy from Sony directly, other than that you would have other retailers which might hike the price up a bit more due to them wanting to make a profit.

As mentioned previously, you can get the game pass and play older generation games on the Xbox Series X, as well as the newer games coming out but you won’t get any games with purchasing the new console.

Our Verdict

At the end of the day, it is entirely up to you whether or not to purchase the Xbox Series X. However, with the facts we have given you in regards to the product we hope that you might consider purchasing as we’ve been having fun playing some old classics with excellent graphics!