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Top 10 Best Blog Sites For Free

top  best blog sites for free

Blogging is the one of the popular and attractive work in which you can earn money online without investing money. Blogging is became more popular and specially youngster are growing day by day. There are lots of new bloggers are daily making huge money from their blog which will really got inspired with others.

There are many popular blog sites which are available in free of cost like: WordPress.org in which here you can host and bucks of your own site. Every people don’t want to spend lots of money to start in blogging career because you are not sure about the success in blogging career. So, problem is solve there are lots of free blog sites for newbie blogger who want to start blogging.

There are lots of blogging sites which allow you to start the blogging career without paying any type of money. Great chance is here to start your blogging career for free. All the free Top 10 Best Blog Sites For Free.

So, Here Is The List Of Top 10 Best Blog Sites For Free

1. Blogger

Blogger is the most popular blogging site. This blogging site gives you platform for free in blog and hosting. But Google will manage your site. From 2008 they have the connection between users and Google. This blogging is encrypt with the Gmail, Drive and many more other product. Google has owned this blogger site in 2003 and Google bought it from Pyra Labs which is the creator of Blogger Site. In This blogger site you may can customize your blog in your own favorite way. It has free premium blogger templets. Buy a domain name in which you want to start your blog and after that you may can start your blog for free.

2. WordPress.com

WordPress is also most popular blogging sites. Here is the site in which you can start your blogging in free and get your site hosting in free. WordPress is created by the Automatic from 2005. WordPress is that site in which you can get great features which you will love it that are: Build free site, Connect and Integrate Social media to your own site(Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn and more), Site Statistics, Customize your design with ease, you can also read and write article through mobile and tablets, create and read article with Apps. You can also add media in your blog. This site is the safe and secure websites that why people love to use WordPress.

3. Blog.com

Blog.com is oldest free blogging websites which is started from since 2004 and also another way from where you can start your blogging carrier without paying any money means it is free to use. Here you can also get the free sub domain that is: yourblog.blog.com but if you want to remove sub domain name extension then you must have to buy a custom domain. Also there are many themes are given which is available in free of cost and also you can customize themes to make more attractive. In this website has given wonderful features that are: Multi-author blogs, beautiful themes, multimedia support, widgets and menus and privacy support which will protect your password.

4. Drupal

Drupal is the another Blog website which is popular because its help in content management system and also blogger should get developers. This blogging website is found by Dries Buytaert in 2001 and at that time this is the one of the leading blogging website which has powerful open source CMS to build everything in different category. If you want to get started in Drupal then you must have to download it yourself and after that you may can design it yourself of shop and developers.

5. Tumblr

Tumbler is the another blog site. Tumbler is easy to use. This is the blogging sites where you can post images, videos, texts and many other visuals. Also tumbler is known as micro-blogging, it means through this tumbler blog website you can share your blogging in short form after that you can post and share links, images, videos etc. There is lots of premium features like: if you follow a someone’s blog then its post will be show up in your own website dashboard.

6. Weebly

In this days Weebly is getting to much popular and people where loving to use and create here its blog for free that why Weebly is the one of the most popular site. This Blog website is founded by David Rusenko in 2006. It has thousands of designed wonderful templates and themes, it also offer for website builder tools that is DIY templates to create and design in your own way. If you are weebly blog user then you may can also use with mobile apps.

7. Joomla

Joomla is the one of the advanced blog website of content management. It also provide free blog site in which you can start blogging online in free of cost like other blog website(WordPress). Joomla is founded by Joomla Project team in 2005 means this is the one of the oldest and best blog site to create in blogging. There are over 8 thousands extensions are given in free of cost. It has lots of wonderful features are given which make it different from other blog websites.

8. Webs

Webs is one of the great blog website which will give chance to start free blogging. It is little bit similar to weebly because both offer sub domain like: abc.webs.com and abc.weebly.com. If you are looking to became a professional then this site is specially made for you. It also offer free blog hosting which is make it to much different from other website. You can also customize your theme which is very easy to edit and make its look beautiful. It also has given DIY tools in which anyone can use drag and drop in your dashboard or other place.

9. Penzu

Penzu is also a free blog sites but it is different from other blog site which is listed here. If you are finding desired way for blogging then Penzu is perfect one and also it has a personal journal and online diary which make it more attractive. After reading the previous line I think you are confused then here your solution: When you sign up in Penzu for free blog site then it will ask to choose in three which one you like it that are: (i)Daily Diary which is public blog. (ii)Expressive Journal which is Private Journal. (iii)Travel Journal in which here you can share about your travelling experience.

10. Wix

Wix is also another way to start free blogging and also it is cloud based free blogging platform it means you all can make free blog site of your’s here. It is specially platform for business like: photographers, musicians, business, restaurant and many more options are available here. Wix has a great features that are: Easy way to drag and drop, free hosting, 500 designer templates, video in background, millions of high quality image, free hosting and many more features are given.

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