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Top 10 Best Business Card Scanner Apps For Android Phone

top  best business card scanner apps for android phone

Business Card scanner app is such a great thing in which we needed in our life. Specially the people who have to get data about the company and people. Means this app is to much important for the businessman. Business Card scanner help to collect the full data about the people and its company and also the basic contact details. This type of will also remind you when you will set the notes. You will get the this app in many languages for all over the people they need this. It save the data in your phone or in CRM account.

In behalf of the user’s review about the business card scanner app are selected. All the app are selected for the android phone user’s which is increasing day by day of android phone user’s that’s why Android is the leading in market for sells of their phone in huge collection.

So, Here Is The List Of Top 10 Best Business Card Scanner Apps For Android Phone User’s:

1. CamCard Free – Business Card R

CamCard Free scanner is the world’s no. 1 business card scanner app for the android phone user’s. This app is using by over 100 millions people. Through this app you can scan 200 cards in free. You can also connect with the company for your good conversation and can update your contact. You can also set reminders and add notes to contact.You can also exchange the e-card to find the contact. You can save the important information of imported contact. You can also add 50 cards in free. There are 17 languages all over the world in which you can operate it with your own languages.


2. CardToContact Card Reader

CardToContact Crad Reader is the one of the great app to scan business card. You can add notes and save the contact information to cards. Search your all cards with text. Through the app you can make a phone calls and can send mails to your contact or can export your contact in outlook. Capture your business cards photo and use to Orgenise your contacts. You can also share your card image with others. You can also set for backup to restore your cards file, notes. There are given 20+ languages to operate in different languages all over the world. Many more creative features are given here for everyone who need.


3. Business Card Reader

Business Card Reader is the wonderful app to scan your business card. You may can change the old paper card into the new digital contacts. There are 66 different languages of all over the world like: Russian, Spanish, English, Hindi, German, Romanian, Arab and more.


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4. ABBYY Business Card Reader Free

ABBYY Business Card Reader is also one of the best app for the android phone user who want to scan their business card. This app is recognized by the ABBYY technology. You may can share biz of your contacts data with the help of e-mail, SMS and WiFi. You can also share the data from the card holder by e-mail. You can also get backup and restore your contact which is saved in business cards. You can also find the new biz contact with the popular social media like: Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. Also there are 22 languages given to all over the world users like: Czech, Danish, English, Dutch, French, Finnish, Estonian, Polish, Spanish, Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian and many more.


5. FullContact Card Reader

FullContact Card Reader is a android app to scan the business cards. Its verify your cards better than the OCR. It works by capturing a photo of business card, then it will verify card and after that it sent the contact data to the android address or other apps like: MailChimp, HubSpot, Highrise, Salesforce and more. There are many great features are given in this app like: you can save contacts into phone, it will work via your phone camera, you can import the business cards into 250+ apps, the result will be automatically send to address book and many more features.


6. ScanBizCards Lite – Scan Card

ScanBizCards Lite is a scan card app. This app is also a better option for the android phone user’s. If you are the salesman then this app will help to export your business. This app will convert the new business card in every 30 seconds. Easy steps to make business card to phone contact like: capture a photo of a business card after that scan that card, then the result will show in card image and last it add to the address book. There are many wonderful features are given like: you can edit the contact, create notes, 3D gallery, create the new contacts, search card of your collection in easy way and many more features. You may can also export your data in Gmail, Apple contact, Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo Mail and Windows live mail.


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7. Business Cards Info (BCi)

Business Card Info is also a great app to save all the detail of your account and of collected card’s detail. You can easily search your business cards for no limits to search and scan. This is an Android app which is getting more poplar. There are many features given like: save your business cards with other, instantly show your result, its manage your data easily and many more attractive features are given.


8. Card Scanner

Card Scanner is that app in which you can scan the business cards and save detail to Zoho CRM. This app is available in different language to operate the all over world people like: English, Spanish, Dutch, German, Chinese, Russian, Swedish, Korean, French and many more. It has auto detect the position of the cards. After scanning the business card it attached to the CRM record automatically. But if you want best result then you should capture the photo in lighting condition.


9. Business Card Reader Highrise

Business Card Reader Highrise is that app which will save your business card easily and will also import data of that cards directly Highrise CRM system. It works like: capture a photo of business card, it will automatically recognize, give data about company and person detail and its contact and data will automatically stored into CRM account. In this app has given the great features given like: there are 25 languages for all over the world people, it will process 20 business card in a every minute, save business card data, all the important information are submitted in CRM account, that’s why this keeps your data and contacts secure and many more new and wonderful features are available.


10. Business Card Reader SugarCRM

Business Card Reader SugarCRM is the new app for the android phone user and its getting popularity. This app can save the data of your business card in SugarCRM. You can also taps the personal information about interest, photos, skills, social media contact, email etc. and also save the information of company about the size, industry,recent activity, branch network etc. This app is work by taking a photo of a business card after that it recognizes, then it will get the information of person and its company, after that it stored into CRM account. There are 25 different languages supported which will get benefit all over the world people. You can save and copy the business card data in your own phone. It process 20 business card in per minute.


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