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Top 10 Best Free Educational Apps For Kids

top  best free educational apps for kids

Education is part of life and we started study from childhood. Learning through gadget children love it. There are lots of Best Free Educational Apps For Kids are available for the children. Parents should also get help to tech their kids and make their mind sharp and brighter. Children should get knowledge by videos, songs and pic. For children we are collected some Best Free Educational Apps For Kids that will help you to find the best one for both Android and iOS Phone.

So, Here Is Top 10 Best Free Educational Apps For Kids:

1. 3D Brain – For Android Phone

3D Brain is to study about your brain. Use screen to rotate and zoom to know about the interaction of brain and its structures. Know about brain that how every region of brain functions and what will happen when it got injured in any incidence. 3D Brain give detailed structures and functions, disorders, brain damage, case studies and its link to modern research.

2. Animal Fun – For Iphone

Animal Fun is well designed for kids. It is a simple program to learn about animal for children. It combines an easy to use and well understandable for children after seeing pictures of of animal and hearing their sounds of an animal makes. There are over 50+ animals just touch to change animal pictures. Set animals defaults sounds when animal is firs shown to name, sound and spell name.

3. NASA App – For Android Phone

NASA App is the best app for kids to know more about science. This app is well supported with Android OS phone. Explore with NASA and discover the latest images, videos, stories, NASA TV and more. You will get always updated by latest news and features stories.

5. Peterson Backyard Birds – For Iphone

Peterson Backyard Birds is the app to learn about the birds for children. This app is supported for Iphone and Ipad. It is that app which will compare you multiple species by sight, song and range. Swipe through page after page and you can identify bird faster. You can also create your own species notebook with user photos, notes, sightings, and checklist information. If you want share then share it with your friends.

6. Dictionary.com Flashcards – For Android Phone

Dictionary.com Flashcards is the android app to learn and master words.  You can create and choose 70,000 flashcard decks. You can study in offline mode. You can share your flashcards app in social media. Select your study material in which way you want to study by audio pronunciation or definition matching. Study by grade level, test or subject.

7. Kids Songs | Dinosaurs | Videos | Educational Stories – For Iphone

This is the one of the best app to study children in different category.  In this app children should get 130 sing along with songs and enjoy with 90 musical storybooks by The Gingerbread Man,  The Princess and the Frog, Goldilocks and the Three Bears, etc and also 4 more coming soon. Screen lock is enable in watching videos. Learn about dinosaurs, watch educational videos, educational stories and the games through which children should get well understand by playing games.

8. Practice English Grammar – For Android Phone

Practice English Grammar is the android app for the kids and students.  It help you to learn about English Grammar for TOEFL, GSET, IELTS, TOEIC, FCE or CAE tests. For beginner there is given a advance level and also get practicing by grammar exercises. The Practice English Grammar are included with 1000+ questions, 750+ flashcards, 100+ learning games and grammar articles. The topics of grammar are covered in this app are: Adjective, Article, Auxiliaries, Future, Noun, Past Continuous, Conjunctions, etc.

9. Kids Numbers and Math – For Android Phone

Kids Numbers and Math is a free app for the kids or parents. But this apps comes with 3 day trail. Through this app kids will learn to, match numbers, count, compare numbers, add, subtract. You can teach your kids basics of addition, subtraction, multiplication and much more. The games are specialized in education games from Intellijoy. I you are looking for best app to tech basic maths topics then this app will be better choice.

10. King of Math Junior For Iphone

King Of Math Junior is the top kids app for the Iphone user. This app will help parents to teach children to sharpen their math skills. It ha given the different concepts related to the maths. There are lots of mathematical concept to make sharpen and clear concept in counting, addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, geometry, puzzles and much more.