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Top 10 Best Free Movie Apps For Android Smartphone

top  best free movie apps for android smartphone

Watching movie has became trend to all over the world through laptop or smartphone. For the smartphone has given the apps to watch movie and TV series of your favorite actors. There is also facility given for the android tablet user’s. Also in the apps database is alo created different category genres like: Hollywood Movies, health fitness, viral video, fashion, news, sports highlight and many more.

There are many people who don’t have the sufficient time to watch movies in theater although they like to watch movies in their smartphone or tablet. But if you want to watch movie in your smartphone/tablet you must have to connect with high speed internet connection like: 3G/4G LTE and WiFi connection.

There are also many websites that updated every time with new movie of different languages. Also many people love to watch moviesin their laptop or PC because of size of screen. In small screen size sometime we can’t fell better to watch movie. If you want to watch movie through PC or laptop then here previous day we have just shared the list of best online movie streaming sites that article is 20 Best Online Movie Streaming Sites For Free. Music is also a way to entertain yourself anytime. Also we have shared the list of best music streaming sites to help you to find out the best site.

If you are looking for the apps for watching movies through your android smartphone then you must have to enter in Google Play Store there are huge collection of apps are available which will give you the movie but which apps will be the best one you don’t know before using that apps. Here we are listing the Top 10 Best Free Movie Apps For Android Smartphone User which will help you to find out the best apps from the Google Play Store Databases.

So, Here Is The List Of Top 10 Best Free Movie Apps For Android Smartphone Tablet User:

1. Viewster – Movies, TV & Anime

Watching movies, TV shows and Anime in your smartphone/tablet feel awesome. This app is the one of the great app that are people loving to use this app in their smartphone/tablet. In this app you can watch full length movies, TV shows, and Anime and one thing more all this you can watch without paying any cost. This app is updated with every week with the new movies, new episode of TV shows and Anime. You may can also create a list to which one you want to watch again next time.

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2. Flipps TV – Movies, Music & TV

Flipps TV – Movies, Music & TV App is also one of the best app which will help you entertain with different category of video like: Movies, TV shows and Music. You can watch the full length movies of old and the latest one in the high video quality means in full HD. There is you can browse unlimited movies, music and TV shows without paying any type of fee. This app has a huge collection top TV shows means 100+ channels. You can also share it with your friends that which video are watching this time.

3. Hubi – Streaming and Download

Hubi – Streaming and Download App is that app you can online stream the video if you like it you may can download in your android smartphone/tablet. Hubi App don’t require the other flash player to play the video and can download anytime after that you can watch the video in offline. It will also notify you before watching the video that before you have watched or not. You can also share the video links to your friends with the help of your social media sites.

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4. Crackle – Movies & TV

Crackle – Movies & TV App is the most popular app for the android smartphone/tablet user’s. In this you don’t need to pay register fee. Over 25 millions people are using this app for their android gadgets. In this app you can watch the full length movies of Hollywood and tv series. Every month there is added new movies and tv series in full HD video quality. You may can also create the list of your favorite to watch it again next time.

5. Movies by Flixster

Movies by Flixster App is that app in which you can stream and download the movies. Here is the huge collection of movies and also collected every week the top box office movies which get the good review from the people. You can also watch the movies trailer of new upcoming movies. Here all the movies and movies trailer you can watch in high video quality.

6. Hulu

Hulu is a free app that is getting popular fast. In this has a huge collection of Tv series and movies in their database. You can create a watching list in which you can select your favorite movies and tv episode. You can subscribe this app for a week after that if you like it then you have to pay $7.99 per month.

7. NetFlix

NetFlix is also most app for watching movies and for their subscription. This app you can use trail version for a month after that you have to buy a subscription. This app work on the membership access in which you can watch unlimited TV shows and movies for only a month. You can search your favorite movies and TV shows because their is huge collection of that type of videos in their database. You can also create a playlist to get that video immediately.

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8. Popcornflix – Great Movies Free

Popconrnflix is a wonderful app for the movies lovers in which they can get update with latest box office movies of Hollywood. All this movies you can watch here without subscription and don’t need to pay any type of fees. There are different category of genres are available which will help you to find the movies easily like: Family, Comedy, Action, Horror, Drama and many more.

9. IMDb Movies & TV

IMDb is that android app in which you can get the full movies and TV shows in high quality video its means here is available the full package of entertainment. This app is using over 4 millions people and they are getting satisfied with its service. You can watch here the movies trailers, full movies, TV shows. You can also get notify of the upcoming movies through this app. You can also connect with the entertainment news to stay connect with the movies, TV show and actors news with the help of hundreds of media.

10. Fandango Movies

Fandango Movies app is the great app to watch movies. Here is the great collection of movies in its database. Here you can also watch the new high quality trailer and also you can get here the latest movies. You can also give your own rating of that movies which you are watched. You can also buy tickets of your nearest theater.

More Free Movie App:

11. Hotstar TV Movies Live Cricket

Hotstar is another popular app for watching latest movies, TV episode and Live sport. Over 10 millions people are using this app. You can watch full length movies, TV episode. Lots of different languages movies where collected in its database like: Hindi, English, Tamil, Kannada, Malayalam, etc. and live cricket which attract people. You can choose your video quality that’s why you will get great experience on 2G. It get automatically resume from where you stopped watching and exactly pick up from where you left off.