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Top 10 Best Text Messaging Apps For Android Phone

top  best text messaging apps for android phone

Today every people like to chat with friends with SMS and send some funny MMS. Every people need SMS service in their smartphone to contact with their friends and family members. SMS is still popular before the smartphone has come in this world. MMS is also a way you can send the video and pictures but also through the SMS you can send the photo and video without any type of money with the help of android text messaging apps. There are many people using this service in everyday life specially the people who are working in office and also college students.

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Now here we have listed Best Text Messaging Apps For Android Phone that will help you to know which app will be the best one to use for text messaging in free.

Top 10 Best Text Messaging Apps For Android Phone:

1. Google Messenger

Goggle messenger is the one of the most popular app for text messaging in free. Only you have to download the app from google store in your windows smartphone. This is the great messenger app to communicate with the help of SMS and MMS message. There are wonderful and great features that is given in this messenger that are in like: Fast sharing in which you can share your photos and videos easily from the app, Purposeful design is that features in which you can design new delightful and attractive, also here is given to block SMS of unknown and unlike sender, also given the features which is you can send a audio messages, funny stickers, emoji support and many more.

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2. Textra SMS

Textra SMS is the best Android Messaging app which is most popular all over the world. This is the beautiful app to message. This app has the great features that are 100+ wonder design theme/bubble/app icon color, MMS group messaging, 800+ emojis, voice notes, slide to delete, multi select picture gallery and many more features are given. The videos are protect from Stagefright when you will do video messaging. This app is beautiful, simple and its work fast in which you can do fast reply of SMS and MMS app and also get replacement of app.

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3. mysms SMS Text Messaging Sync

mysms SMS Text Messaging Sync App is the great and perfect app for Android Phone user’s. Through this app you can also text SMS from computer and tablet. You can also get notification on computer when you will receive a call on your android phone. In this app has also given the option to MMS Group chat, Multimedia messaging option in which you can send SMS of Picture, Video and files. In this is also given a backup option to restore SMS after reset your smartphone. Trough this app you can archive message from Dropbox, Evernote and through Google Drive.

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4. Chomp SMS

Chomp SMS is the great and beautiful text messaging app for android device user’s. There are over 10+ millions people are using everyday. In this app there are 100 free themes/skins to look beautiful and different. There are lots of wonderful features are available in this app that are: 800+ emoji’s, schedule SMS sender, Passcode app lock, privacy setting option, pin to top, SMS blocker, MMS and MMS group messaging and many more features are given in this app. Chomp SMS protects from new video messages to not to exploit automatically.

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5. 8sms (Stock Messaging, KitKat)

8sms is that app you can use new theme when you are using android lollipop operating system. 8sms is a trial version for 14 days after using 14 days you have to pay for this app approx $4. This app is well supported in Android OS and CyanogenMod OS. There are many types features are given in this app are like: Emoji’s Support, Clean and no bloat, dark theme, Quick replay options but in this app has extra useful features are added on the latest version.

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6. Handcent Next SMS

Handcent Next SMS is the new generation app for sending text SMS and MMS. This is a new upgraded app and user are getting satisfied. This app has given beautiful themes and background pictures, fonts and ringtones. You can sent SMS in PC, tablets and Mac. There are given private box for your personal SMS and MMS, Colorful Emoji and many more other wonderful and attractive features are given. This app will also support in latest version of Android OS that is Android M.

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7. TextSecure Private Messenger

TextSecure Private Messenger app is also on of great app for sending text SMS which will support in Android Gadget like in Smartphone and Tablets. This is the app which has given the Private and secure app which is to more advance than the other app. There are many features that are given in this app that are like: Private secure, open source textsecure which is free and open source, Group chat which is allows to create group which will be put in private chat which you will chat with your friends and this app will be deliver fast to your friends.

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8. Go SMS Pro

Go SMS Pro is the new SMS sending app for Android smartphone which will you will experience different like the next generation app of SMS sending app. It has beautiful themes are given also has given lovely stickers, private box, pop up windows, dual SIM support, send receive free SMS & MMS, private box, sticky conversations, Pop up, SMS blocker, Go Chat, Delay to send, Folder stranger messages, Avatar popup and also other features are advance private box, unlimited cloud storage to get backup of message, free and unlimited themes and many more features are given for Go SMS Pro app.

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9. MightyText: SMS Text Messaging

MightyText App has one of the great app and this app is warded in Best 50 Android App in Time Magazine’s. This is that app in which you can get notification in your PC or in Tablet. This app is more popular in between college students and they love to chat with friends with the help of SMS. The features that are given in this app are like: You can also operate this app with your PC and also send pictures SMS from your own PC, low battery alert to alert you when your phone will be in 30% battery, App notify in your laptop, Schedule SMS, Phone Call Alerts, Contact lists, Text free from Gmail on your PC and many more features are given in this smartphone.

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10. EvolveSMS

EvolveSMS is that app in which you can talk to your friends quick, easy and fast. This is a beautiful app for chatting with your friends. There are lots of great features are given which will you may really like it that are: Multimedia support(Video, Audio, Pictures and GIFs), to start conversation just swipe away, password protection is given to protect your conversation with other user’s, you may can also customize your notification, batch deleting messages and many more features are given in this app.

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