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Top 20 Best Windows Apps For Windows Phone User

top  best windows apps for windows phone user

Everyone knows that Windows phone users are not greater than Android Phone user. But your kind of information Windows apps is more powerful and successful than the android apps that why windows phone is too good than the android phone. People are getting it that’s why some of the people are moving into windows phone.

Here I have just selected the some windows app by the user’s review and which app people liking and recommending that apps.

So, Here Is Top 20 Best Windows Apps For Windows Phone User:

1. Facebook

Everyone knows that we are almost on the Facebook. In this way there are many users of Windows phone they use first of all the windows Facebook app and its messenger which is so much popular in this days. Facebook app is the best way to keep in touch faster with your friends by see what the friends have share, photos, videos and updated. And you may can also get notify with their activity what are they commenting on posts and heating like on that status. One thing that make its different from other operating system Facebook apps that it has given Cover Feed Feature it means you can use for lock screen of Facebook pictures.

2. Netflix

Netflix is the one of the best and leading subscription service for watching TV episodes and Movies in your phone. This is the app which you get without paying any type of fees. You can became a free member of Netflix. Netflix work on becoming a member of Netflix in which you can access the huge collection of TV shows and Movies. Netflix has the huge collection of TV shows and Movies in their data base. You can get here the better video quality which may can user’s really like it.

3. Gmail

Gmail means google mail that why Gmail s the leading mail site that is popular all over the world. Gmail apps you can get for your phone. All type of Operating System phone user’s can use Gmail. Somebody sign up in gmail in by google search engine. But they are not affiliated with Gmail and Google. The trademarks of Google Inc is Google, Gmail and Google Apps. That’s why this is the leading brand all over the world.

4. Instagram

Instagram is the one of the most popular apps all over the world. 150 Million Plus people are using and they love Instagram. You may can easily share your special moments pictures all over the world. Before sharing the photos you may can customize the photo and make that photo gorgeous with the custom built. In Instagram has given the great features in free. You may can share to Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Tumblr and Foursquare. You can do unlimited upload and you can get interact with your friends.

5. OneDrive

OneDrive is that apps in which you can put or save your personal files. It is absolutely free for windows phone user’s. You can share your files, photos and other folder. It means you can store every type of files. You may also create and share your file and photo. All this type of work you can work after Sign Up to One Drive for business. This is the one of the best way to store and access files. It fix the bug fixes in which you can get improve performance.

6. Twitter

Twitter is also most popular and its app is free for everyone. This is the where there people can get connect with people of different origin. People have to express yourself in fixed word. You may can start conversation by joining and start tweet by text, photos and videos. In which you can share to your follower and you may can also follow them. This is the best social service network. I think this is the best place where people can start conversation and share it to everyone who are getting interest to know about your activity.

7. Translator

Translator is the best app for windows phone user’s. This is the app in which user can translate their language to other language. You can use the photo, voice or keyboard to enter text and which language you want to translate. This is the wonderful apps for those who travel other place this apps will help to translate their language. There are given more than 45 languages to translate. You can translate with the help of camera translation, voice translation, text to speech translation and offline translation.

8. BBC iPlayer

You want to watch TV program then watch into BBC iPlayer. But this app is only for the UK people. You can watch the TV program in Online by using the high speed internet connection like: WiFi, 3G and 4G in which you can watch without buffering. You may can also add in favorites list of program which you really want to watch it again and again.

9. Adobe Reader

Adobe Reader is the free apps for windows phone user’s. This is the best PDF document reader so, install the free reader adobe apps. You may can create the PDF files from PowerPoint, WordPad and Microsoft Excel and can also export PDF file into DOC, DOCX, XLSX or RTF format. The photo can also convert into PDF. You can protect your Adobe Reader Apps by Password. There is given easy to zoom text and image. Search bar is given to search a text. The Adobe Reader is available in many type of languages like: English, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Russian, Turkish, Swedish and many more.

10. Tube HD – YouTube App

Tube HD is the best YouTube apps for the windows phone use. This app is getting high recommending for the users. This app has allows to watch HQ and HD video, Movies or you may can also download that video which you want because there is given to watch online and download option. The features that is given in Tube HD app are like – You can Download the YouTube Videos, Also option to download in background, Download MP3 of that video, Play the video under lock, Pin the channel and playlist etc.

11. AirWatch MDM Agent

The AirWatch MDM Agent is a device to manage the solution to secure monitor and it support the smartphone. This app is work on the conjunction and its used to enroll to end user into AirWatch MDM. The features that is given for AirWatch MDM that are sufficient for the users. When you have installed this app then you may can enroll with the server to URL, Group ID and into AirWatch MDM Agent.

12. Evernote

Evernote is the one of the great and most helpful app for the users. It change the phone into extension of your brain. That’s why this app has win the award for the recall your remember of your life what happens on that day. This app has also given Bug fix and miscellaneous improvements. This app is the notebook app in which you can write on it like diary and also you can share it. There is also an option to upload or email to anyone. This app is also helpful in business.

13. Spotify

Spotify is one of the great music player app for the windows phone user. This is the free app for listening the music. Through this app you can listen the music in offline mode any time after downloading music. Through this app you may also listen the Radio. There are all the great features has given like – play song in offline mode, amazing sound and can set equalizer, set playlist of your favorite songs, you may can delete the radio station which you don’t listen the music anymore.

14. Pocket File Manager

Pocket File Manager is that app in which it give full access to memory of your phone. You can access memory to store file in anywhere of your phone’s memory by connecting into PC. There is also given SkyDrive, Dropbux, Yandex.Desk, Box, Google Drive, Copy Drive in this file manager site you may can also store here the important files of yours. You can also share your files by HTTP with NFC support that is fast transfer you can get. And also the support that application which are exist in memory.

15. iTelMobileDialer

iTellMobileDialer is the app in which you can make VoIP calls and also can send SMS by using your data pack of your phone like 3G/4G/WiFi. This app is also can used by Android and IOS Phone user. You can view all the contacts from phone book in which you can get help when you have to call, send sms direct to third party.

16. PrintHand

PrintHand is that which you need to print directly from you own device to your WiFi Printer. The printers that support are like Epson laser, ink jet, Canon and HP printers. You can print photo, document, image with the help of Google Cloud Print. This app is very helpful to students and also for businessman to create documents.

17. miCoach train & run

miCoach train & run is the another great app for every people. This is the which id uses GPS and real-time voice for training and coaching of exercises. Through this app you can track your workout and it display the route, heart rate. If you want to share it then there is option to share it in social network like facebook, twitter, micoach.com and through email. You pin your favorite workout to your phone’s home screen.

18. Wikipedia

This is the best Wikipedia available for the windows phone. If you want to read Wikipedia article through phone then Wikipedia will help you to read. There are 100 different languages article in Wikipedia. You can also view the article without connection of internet. You can also share article on Facebook, Twitter, QRCode, Email. You may can also customize accent color of the app to look attractive. You are reading the article then lock screen rotation to not get disturb.

19. InstaSize

There are many people which they love to edit their photo specially youngster they love to edit photo and share to friends in Social Media like in Twitter, Facebook, Google+, Instagram and more. You can edit photos by filter background, sticker, frames. Also you can convert into high resolution.

20. Dictionary

Dictionary has contain over 150, 000 + words and its definition has given to understand that word very well. This is also one of the popular apps of windows phone. Every word has given the synonyms and antonyms. Those who want to learn english or know the word meaning they should really get help by this app.