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Top 7 Best Camera And Photo Editing App For Iphone

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Camera is the main part of the smartphone. Also you have Apple Iphone then you can became photographer. People love to capture photo of their lovable and the attractive place. iOS is the one of the most popular operating system for smartphone. In this days youngsters have to much crazy for taking their selfie and also save and share in social media like: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and more. Some Day we have shared some articles of Apple that are for Top 5 Best Fastest Web Browser For Mac OS in which you will get help to find out the best browser for your Mac OS PC. Also we shared for Android phone user that are for Top 10 Best Camera Apps For Android Smartphone User. Camera App will help you to make your photo attractive and beautiful and you feel like a professional photographer. Edit your photo with many type of filters, stickers, frames, colorful text, etc. Also you can edit video through some of the which is listed here best camera and Photo editing app for iphone user.

Top 7 Best Camera And Photo Editing App For Iphone User – Make Your Photos Attractive And Share Your Photos:

1. Camera+

Camera+ is the best camera app for iphone user’s. It give you best clarity photographs means this app is like high quality SLR lens which will give you best photography experience. There are lots of great features are given that are: 16 handy scene modes in your photos, 30 one touch filters, tweak option to make your photo perfect, Shooting Modes, Digital Zoom, Front Flash, Scene Modes and many more. Camera+ are available in different languages like: English, French, Italian, Korean, Chinese, Spanish etc. After taking photographs you can share your photos with your friends and family members in social media: Facebook, Twitter and Flicker. If you want to use Camera+ app then you have to pay $2.99 and in India Rs.190

2. ProCam 3

ProCam 3 is also wonderful camera app. ProCam 3 is the best app for photo and video editing. Through this app you can make your photos highest quality. It support TIFF file format. Also there are many main features are: 3 HDR Shots, Adjustable aspect ratio, Adjustable JPEG, You can pause and resume video recording, disk space indicator and more. The photo to make more attractive that extensions are: 60 filters, 17 lenses, 19 adjustment tools, volume control, high resolution video support, trimming, cropping, rotating, etc. ProCam 3 app will automatically adjust ISO, focus and white balanced control. If you want to use Camera+ app then you have to pay $3.99 and in India Rs.300.

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3. Hydra

Hydra is the one of the best camera app. Through this app you can capture amazing photograph. You can also capture photos with the help of this app in difficult place in lighting conditions. In new version of Hydra camera app some new features are added that are: capture mode, lo light, hdr, hires, hdr video, zoom. The photo will directly show in iOS photo album and photo gallery to reviewing photographs. In this app has wonderful and powerful features are given to make your photographs best. If you want to use Hydra camera app then you have to pay Rs.300 and approx $4.99

4. Retrica 

Retrica is the best free camera app for iphone and android phone user’s. Through this app you can take amazing photos. Millions of people are using this app and 100 millions people are taking photos per day. Preview your photo before taking which one will set and give you wonderful and attractive looks. In latest version of Retrica has improved performance, user guide if you are using first time and user interface. in this app lots of great features like: 100+ filters, edit or capture consecutive photos using college features, Watermark, Timer, Blur,etc. After completing you can share your photos in social media(Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and more).

5. Stackables

Stackables is one of the attractive app which is most advanced for Iphone user’s. There are over 200 effects are crafted. 20 tools are available to create your photos effective means it balance white, color balance, vignette, sepia, grain, blur, etc. this are the tools in which you can edit your photo. The main features are: 200+ effects, 20+ adjustment tools, 18 blend mode, unlimited layers, 60+ gradients and geometric masks. Share your photos in social media in Facebook, Twitter and other. If you want to use Stackables camera app then you have to pay Rs.190 and approx $1.99.

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6. Rookie Cam

Rookie Cam is also a wonderful app for Iphone user in which you can edit your photo in your own style. Filter your photo and bring in into new attractive look. This app has ranked 1st position for photo and video in 90 countries Feb 10, 2014. It makes your photo attractive and you feel like a professional photographer. The features that are given in Rookie Cam camera app are: 116 Live filters camera, Focus, Manual Control, White Balance, Flash Control, 6x Digital Zoom, Set your photo in collage, photo effect themes, 100+ fonts, 200+frames, 300+ badges and sticker, professional editing and many more camera features are available. You can share your photos to  Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Kakaotalk, Line etc. If you want to use Rookie app then not to this app is for free.

7. Tangent

Tangent Camera App is the best app store of 2013. There are lots of chance to make your photo attractive in which you can share your photos in social media – Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. The features are: 35 easy ways are given to customize your photo like professional, 350 blends and colors, 68 background pattern, unlimited pattern, shapes, blends and many more. If you want to use Tangent camera app then you have to pay Rs.120 and approx $1.99